The Inuvialuit Settlement Region Community-Based Monitoring Program (ISR-CBMP)

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Inuit Nunangat, Inuvialuit Settlement Region
Education & Learning, Environment, Science, Skills development

The ISR-CBMP aims to create and apply new knowledge for regional decision-making in support of the principles of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement and to promote sustainable development within the ISR. The Inuvialuit Game Council, the Fisheries Joint Management Committee, the Yukon North Slope Management Advisory Committee and the Northwest Territories Wildlife Management Advisory Committee, partnering with Trent University and a team of technical advisors are proposing to train wildlife and environmental monitoring technicians in six ISR communities to implement regionally coordinated monitoring projects. They further propose to develop a centralized geo-spatial data management system to provide access to project information as well as historic datasets for multiple users

(Note that this project was a Finalist prior to 2017, when the current 3-tiered prize model was put in place. Their nomination therefore does not correspond to a particular category.)

Nominator: Louie Porta
Director of Policy, Oceans North Canada
Frank Pokiak, Inuvialuit Game Council (Team Leader), Larry Carpenter, Vic Gillman, Lindsay Staples, Jennie Knopp, Kendra Tingmiak, Marsha Branigan, Bradley Carpenter, Steve Kokelj, John Lucas Jr., John Noksana Jr., Mike Suitor