Canadian Ranger Ocean Watch

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Inuit Nunangat, Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Nunavut
Environment, Science

The rapid and complex changes occurring in the Arctic create challenges for policy making in Canada. The CROW team recognizes that a sustainable and affordable observational strategy for ecosystem changes is required that allows for the rapid transfer of new Arctic knowledge into policy. By combining the knowledge of experienced northern researchers in the natural sciences with the deep knowledge of the land and on-ice skills of members of the Canadian Rangers, the CROW team proposes to measure key parameters that relate to changes in the Arctic including: ocean warming and freshening, reduction in ice and snow cover, altered nutrients and productivity, and ocean acidification. Their plan provides a unique opportunity to monitor ocean change along a network that will eventually span the Canadian Northwest Passage.

(Note that this project was a Finalist prior to 2017, when the current 3-tiered prize model was put in place. Their nomination therefore does not correspond to a particular category.)

Nominator: David J. Scott
Executive Director, Canadian Polar Commission
Bill Williams (Team Leader), Eddy Carmack, Mike Dempsey, Jane Eert, Maéva Gauthier, David Hik, Crawford Stanley, Oksana Schimnowski, Svein Vagle, Sarah Zimmermann