The Arctic Inspiration Prize selection process helps ensure the winning projects are new, relevant and meet the needs and objectives of the communities they are intending to serve. For that reason, the selection process has several distinct stages:

Eligibility Review

AIP staff take a first look to make sure all Eligibility Criteria are met.

Regional Selection Committees

The three Regional Selection Committees for Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Inuit Nunangat review the nominations from their regions and put forward their top choices, the AIP Finalists, to the National Selection Committee. The regional committees are composed entirely of people living and working in their region, with a majority of members being Indigenous.

National Selection Committee

This committee reviews the finalist projects put forward by the three regional committees to come up with the winners!

Awards Ceremony!

It’s time to celebrate the Finalists and the new AIP Laureates!

Project Eligibility

More details on eligibility can be found in the Nomination Guide.