AIP Ambassadors:

  • Spread the word about the prize, with their northern contacts and in communities across the North.
  • Actively seek out teams and projects that they can mentor and encourage to apply.
  • Act as the official nominators for the AIP, by providing teams with an official letter of nomination.
  • Celebrate with winning teams and share the good news through social and conventional media, word of mouth, publications, etc.

Who can be an AIP Ambassador?

Ambassadors can be representatives of organizations, universities, research institutes, private sector, government departments or any other organization from north or south with an interest in the Canadian Arctic.

Some organizations are invited by the Arctic Inspiration Prize office to act as Ambassadors who champion the Prize in their respected regions and/or fields. The Prize aims to have Ambassadors covering all geographical and thematic areas of the Prize.

Can Ambassadors nominate more than one team?

Yes! Ambassadors may submit more than one nomination for any given year. Note that Ambassadors must be arms-length from the project they are nominating (they must not be team members, belong to organizations or groups connected to the project, nor be in any way connected to the activities, outputs, funding or management/administration of the proposed plan). Acting as an Ambassador does not prevent an organization from being part of a project team nominated by another Ambassador.

Promotional Tools

If you’re an Ambassador, download these tools to help you promote the AIP through your networks:

Looking to get nominated?

Find an Ambassador in your region or community.