The 13th Annual Arctic Inspiration Prize call for nominations is now open!

Nunami Sukuijainiq: A Youth Arctic Ecology Land Camp Program, 2018 AIP Laureate (credit: Alistair Maitland/AIP)

The Arctic Inspiration Prize is an incredible opportunity to bring by the North, for the North projects to life. Do you have an idea for a project that would benefit your community? Here are the six steps you need to take to submit a nomination and have a chance to win an Arctic Inspiration Prize:

Have an idea!

Your project idea should:

  • be something new,
  • address opportunities or challenges that are important to the people and communities of the North, and
  • address the causes (rather than the resulting symptoms) of a northern issue.
ᑲᒪᔩᑦ (Kamajiit) Program, 2019 AIP Laureate (credit: Justin Tang/AIP)
Traditional Techniques Tweaked to Galvanize Indigenous Northern Artisans, 2018 AIP Laureate (credit: Alistair Maitland/AIP)

Build a team.

Your team should be diverse, including people from different disciplines, backgrounds and organizations, and can include both Northerners and Southerners – though the team leader must be a Northerner.

Pick the right prize category.

The Arctic Inspiration Prize has three award categories, each with different requirements. Review the Nomination Guides for the $1 Million, AIP and Youth prize categories, and make sure to read all of the Eligibility Criteria.

  • One $1 million prize may be awarded to one exceptional team
  • Up to four prizes of up to $500,000 each
  • Up to seven youth prizes of up to $100,000 each
Yukon Youth Healthcare Summit, 2019 AIP Laureate (credit: Justin Tang/AIP)
Unaaq Men’s Association of Inukjuak – Intensive Traditional Program Development, 2017 AIP Laureate (credit: Patrick Doyle/AIP)

Find an AIP Ambassador to support your nomination.

Each nomination needs to include a nomination letter written by an official AIP Ambassador. Reach out to one of our Ambassadors, walk them through your proposed idea and ask them to write a letter of support for your nomination. Remember, the Ambassador you choose must be independent from your team and cannot be connected to your project in any way.

Submit a Letter of Intent.

This is not mandatory, but it is very helpful! Write a two-page summary of your idea and submit it to the AIP team to get feedback on your project’s eligibility. This feedback can be very helpful when writing your nomination!

Arctic Indigenous Wellness Project, 2017 AIP Laureate (credit: Patrick Doyle/AIP)
Qaggiq: Nurturing the Arctic Performing Arts, 2015 AIP Laureate (credit: Fred Cattroll/AIP)

Submit your nomination on time!

Make sure you’ve read through all of the eligibility and selection criteria and have completed all sections of the Nomination Template – and submit it before the deadline! It’s best not to leave your nomination to the last minute, as some of the sections take time to prepare. If you have any questions, it’s always better to reach out to the AIP team earlier rather than later.

The 13th Annual call for nominations is open! Stay tuned for the updated Nomination Materials.

Send an electronic copy of the complete application to the Arctic Inspiration Prize office.
By email: [email protected]
If you have issues sending the file by email, you can upload the file here.


Find an Ambasador

Ambassadors provide guidance, encouragement and official nomination letters to teams applying to the AIP.