The Arctic Inspiration Prize is unique and about successful reconciliation as North and South, Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals, and groups work together collaboratively and respectfully to inspire, enable, and celebrate achievements of the people of the North. Recognizing diverse teams with innovative projects in the fields of education; health and wellbeing; culture, arts and language; science and traditional knowledge; climate change; food security; and the economy.

Through its Charitable Trust, and with an endowment of approximately $50 million, the AIP is led and owned by the North and is entirely for the people of the North, from Yukon to Nunatsiavut. The seed money awarded annually means each Laureate team is able to get their projects off the ground and make their dreams, and those of their communities, come true.

The Arctic Inspiration Prize is by the North and for the North with the unconditional support of the South and is a community of people and groups, including Indigenous organizations, academia, governments, non-governmental organizations, industry, philanthropy, media and arts and culture organizations, who share a common goal: to recognize northern innovation and excellence and encourage teamwork for the betterment of life in Canada’s North.


A stronger country through the experience and values of the peoples of the North.


Together, to inspire, enable and celebrate the strengths and achievements of the peoples of the North.


We aspire to embody, represent and advance the very best of all northern people based on the following values:

Kindness: We embrace different experiences, ideas and opportunities, and treat everyone with kindness.

Respect: We engage in a manner that is respectful, seeking to build consensus and trusting relationships.

Inclusivity: We value inclusion and foster a spirit of interconnectedness across experiences and across expertise.

Resourcefulness: As in the North, we adapt according to our surroundings. We are eager to learn and grow and will take action based on the knowledge we acquire.

Leadership: We seek to encourage leadership across the North and in every aspect of our work, building on a strong, positive vision for the future.