What projects can be nominated for the AIP?

The regions eligible for the AIP include: Yukon, the Northwest Territories, the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Nunavut, Nunavik and Nunatsiavut. Projects nominated for the AIP must be carried out and have primary impact within these regions.

Diverse teams, that are made up of a wide range of representatives that can include, for example, community organizations, private sector companies, youth, Elders, as well as the scientific and education communities, can submit nominations for the AIP.

Teams must be led by a Northerner with a majority of Northern team members, but can include members from the South. For the AIP, a Northerner is defined as:

  • An Indigenous person of the North preferably working and residing in the regions eligible for the AIP; or
  • A non-Indigenous person working and residing in the regions eligible for the AIP.

Initiatives must also be new. The AIP provides seed-money to get new and creative projects off the ground – projects that help to solve challenges identified by Northern communities. Because of this, the AIP does not award prizes for the continued operation or expansion of existing projects.


Nomination Guides

More specific details on eligibility can be found in the Nomination Guides for the three prize categories.