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By the North, For the North

By the North, For the North. Six little words, but they mean so much.
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The Arctic Inspiration Prize


The AIP is the largest annual prize in Canada. By celebrating and providing seed-funding to Northern teams with innovative project ideas, the AIP supports Northerners in bringing initiatives to life that bring about the changes they want to see in their communities.

The Arctic Inspiration Prize is by the North and for the North and is a community of people and groups, including Indigenous organizations, academia, governments, non-governmental organizations, industry, philanthropy, media and arts and culture organizations, who share a common goal: to recognize northern innovation and excellence and encourage teamwork for the betterment of life in Canada’s North.

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How it works

The AIP is a prize for diverse teams who have come together to get an innovative and creative idea off the ground. Unlike a traditional prize, the AIP offers seed-money and the ability to start something new. To apply, you need an idea, a team and the support of your community or region. Projects can be in the fields of education, sustainable housing, health, performing arts, traditional knowledge, language, and science. The AIP is also about celebrating innovation and the teams that lead the way. Every year the AIP community comes together to recognize the new Laureates and honour the amazing creativity, talent ingenuity and resilience of the North and Northerners.

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Join us for a webinar to learn more about how you can become an AIP Laureate!

Jul 30 2021

The 2021 Call for Nominations is open!

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