Supporting Wellbeing

Northwest Territories
Education & Learning, Healing

The importance of land-based programming as a tool for Indigenous cultural resurgence is increasingly recognized in the North. Supporting Wellbeing is an emerging training program that aims to provide tools and resources for people who deliver land-based programming that will better prepare them to mitigate and respond to mental health challenges in remote environments. With $500,000 from the AIP, this training will be designed for Northwest Territories (NWT) people who have some level of experience in planning and delivering on the land (OTL) programs, but who have little to no formal education in mental health service provision. Learners will be introduced to several topics to consider when planning and delivering trauma-informed OTL programs, including intergenerational trauma, suicide intervention, conflict resolution, and participant aftercare. Many Indigenous people in the NWT have experienced trauma because of colonization, and it is not uncommon for participants (and staff) to experience mental health challenges while delivering programs OTL. Supporting Wellbeing aims to equip OTL leaders with tools to support mental and emotional wellness on the land. (Photo credit: NWT Recreation & Parks Association)

Nominator: Dr. Candice Lys
Executive Director, Fostering Youth eXpression among Youth (FOXY)
Rachel Cluderay (Team Leader), Noel-Leigh Cockney, Debbie DeLancey, Wendy Lahey, Mandee McDonald, Donald Prince, Jimmy Ruttan, Tammy Steinwand-Deschambeault, Kristen Tanche, Jennie Vandermeer, Anneka Westergreen


Saimanirq “Spiritual Peace”
Artist: Mary Gordon Aitchison