Dehcho: River Journeys

Northwest Territories
Arts & Culture, Environment

The past 100 years has transformed the great MacKenzie River, from the Dehcho to the Delta. The River Journeys project was awarded $370,000 for an innovative approach that will bridge the past and the present. A multi-media experience will explore how the past 100 years have transformed this great northern river. Students will collaborate on two short films, one based on archival materials while the other will chronicle a modern-day journey on the river with present-day Elders, who will explain the incremental changes they have seen throughout their lives. Students will be able to view the films through an interactive online experience. They can then use their new-found knowledge to resolve real-life environmental issues that the Mackenzie watershed faces today. This project will also feed into an exhibition at the new Fort Simpson Heritage Centre. It will tell the story of the political and environmental journey of the Dene over the 100 years since the signing of Treaty 11.

Nominator: Dr. Frank Tester
Professor, UBC School of Social Work
Sharon Snowshoe (Team Leader), Dr. Gordon Christie, Alison de Pelham, Brian Jaffray, Terry Jaffray, Martina Norwegian, Brenda Parlee, Daniel Séguin