The Nunavut Literacy Council

Arts & Culture, Education & Learning, Revitalization of Language & Culture, Skills development

Throughout Nunavut, low literacy in youth results in nearly half of the working-age population struggling with serious challenges. The resulting social and economic costs are monumental for families and communities. Negative impacts can affect health, food security, personal and cultural identity, as well as impede economic development and productivity. The Nunavut Literacy Council was awarded $300,000 in recognition of their knowledge to action plan to embed literacy into high-quality, culturally-based programming. The project focusses on supporting the many Nunavummiut who lack the literacy skills needed to thrive in today’s society. The knowledge to action plan will achieve this by promoting and supporting literacy initiatives in the official languages of Nunavut with respect for the principles of community capacity building and development.

(Note that this project was a prize recipient prior to 2017, when the current 3-tiered prize model was put in place. Their prize therefore does not correspond to a particular category.)
Nominator: Mary Ellen Thomas
Senior Researcher, Nunavut Research Institute
Kim Crockatt (Team Leader), Cayla Chenier, Graeme Dargo, George Dunkerley, Sue Folinsbee, Brendan Griebel, Adriana Kusugak, Pujjuut Kusugak, Quluaq Pilakapsi, Shelley Tulloch, Gloria Uluqsi, Anna Ziegler