Qaggiq: Nurturing the Arctic Performing Arts

Inuit Nunangat, Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, Nunavut
Arts & Culture, Children & Youth, Skills development

There is no more powerful way of engaging creative thinking, communications and critical thought than through the performing arts. Northern people have always celebrated life through artistry. However, without training and support, Arctic performing arts are at risk of being lost or never realized. Qaqqiavuut was awarded $600,000 for their plan (Qaqqiq) to strengthen Arctic culture and improve resiliency, self-worth, belonging and pride, particularly among youth at risk. A diverse team of Northern artists, administrators and arts educators will work in partnership with national and circumpolar performing arts institutions. The Qaggiq project will nurture and develop the skills of performing artists and arts administrators through a coordinated strategy that includes artist mapping, artist and teacher training, collaborative performance, mentorship and youth programming.

(Note that this project was a Finalist prior to 2017, when the current 3-tiered prize model was put in place. Their nomination therefore does not correspond to a particular category.)

Nominator: Susan Chatwood
Executive and Scientific Director, Institute for Circumpolar Health Research
Ellen Hamilton (Team Leader), Tiffany Ayalik, Martha Burns, Geneviève Cimon, Beatrice Deer, Natasha Harwood, Sarah Olayok Jancke, Zacharius Kunuk, Kathleen Ivaluarjuk Merritt, Alisa Palmer, Aaju Peter, Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory


Song Caller
Artist: Calvin Morberg