Northern Compass

group of people posing in front of totem pole
Inuit Nunangat, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
Children & Youth, Education & Learning
$1 Million

A strong, prosperous, healthy North relies on creating opportunities for young people to feel prepared, hopeful, and ready to take on every challenge. To best achieve their potential, young Northerners require the knowledge, skills and competencies to make decisions about their career and education, and then pursue these pathways. Northern Compass meets this need and offers youth a better chance at fully seizing every opportunity available to them. Northern Compass intends to create practical tools and an innovative support network that address and eliminate the broad spectrum of barriers that youth across all three Territories face while making successful transitions into post-secondary education (PSE), careers, and beyond. The program model will motivate and encourage youth to graduate high school, make informed decisions about their future, and then provide the support and access necessary to pursue and achieve their goals.

Nominator: The Honourable Alfred Moses
Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs, Minister Responsible for the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation, Minister Responsible for the Workers' Safety and Compensation, Commission, Minister Responsible for Addressing Homelessness, Minister Responsible for Youth, Government of the Northwest Territories
Karen Aglukark, Rebecca Bisson, Lois Philipp and Jim Snider (Team Leaders), Art Sateana, Bradley Thom, Cecile Lyall, Chris Gleason, Janelle Wilson, Jonathan Holmes, Patricia MacNeil, Rebecca Plotner