From-the-Land Food Ambassadors Program

Group of people with their crop
Northwest Territories, Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, Nunavut
Education & Learning, Environment, Food security
$1 Million

It is important to share the skills necessary for sustainable domestic vegetable and meat production in the North, together with traditional wild food skills to not only create local food producers who love the land, but teachers who come from within and will create a lasting impact in northern communities. The From-the-Land Food Ambassadors Program aims to connect people in the most isolated parts of the Canadian Arctic and incubate food production trainers who are empowered to restore and improve their community food system by equipping them with the infrastructure, tools, and confidence to be teachers through distance education opportunities and hands-on training at the Farm Campus in Hay River.

Nominator: R.J. Simpson
MLA for Hay River North, Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
Jackoline Milne, President, Northern Farm Training Institute (Team Leader), Helen Balanoff, Marianne Bromley, Nathan Curry, Simon Kudlak, Doug Lamalice, Stephen Leyden, Wilfred McNeely, Crystle Michelin, Dr. Pertice Moffitt, Sheldon Nicholson, Kim Rapati, James Stewart, Wallly Satzewich, Ashley St. Hilaire, Henry Tambour, Shirley Tagalik