Ilagiitigut anngiangijaqatigiinnirq ilurqusivuttigut

Healing, Health & Wellness
$1 Million

Ilagiitigut anngiangijaqatigiinnirq ilurqusivuttigut would bring together elders, addiction counsellors, hunters, scholars and community members to create a marriage of best practices in the field of addiction and Inuit traditional knowledge on individual and collective wellness. Starting in 2023, entire families and pregnant women from Nunavik could be welcomed to the new Isuarsivik 32-bed facility to follow a reformed recovery program. The activities would provide opportunities for the family to heal as a whole, by addressing intergenerational trauma in an age-appropriate manner. Inuit values and culture would guide the daily life, and all guests would have the opportunity to build their self-esteem through the development of skills and the strengthening of interpersonal relations with their family. The guests would spend extended periods of time on the land to benefit from its healing influence and reconnect with themselves. By addressing the root causes of individual and collective distress, this ground-breaking approach would not only reduce the harm caused by substance abuse, but it would also break the vicious circle of trauma, prevent its transmission to the next generations and foster a better future for all Nunavimmiut.

Nominator: Christine Barnard
Executive Director, ArcticNet
George Kauki and Sarah May (Team Leaders), Mary Aitchison, Robert Fréchette, Wanda Gabriel, Elena Labranche, Samuel Lagacé, Siasi Mark