Dene Ahthít’e: Rebuilding the Indigenous Economy in the Dehcho

Northwest Territories
Arts & Culture, Children & Youth, Education & Learning, Environment, Health & Wellness, Revitalization of Language & Culture

This program will seek to re-establish an Indigenous economy in the Dehcho Region of the NWT, primarily in Edéhzhíe, an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA) established by the Dehcho First Nation in 2018. Dene Ahthít’e plans to deliver 5 core programs: (1) Language/Culture; (2) Youth/Learning; (3) Healing; (4) Hunting/ Sharing; and (5) Partnerships/Tourism. These component programs address the legacy and lasting effects of colonization, cultural genocide, intergenerational trauma and economic dependency by re-establishing Dene values and laws as guiding principles for economic development, livelihood generation, and entrepreneurial development. The project’s expected outcomes include increased local employment, culture and language revitalization, entrepreneurial opportunities, social welfare system and criminal justice system diversions, improved health and education outcomes, climate change adaptation and monitoring capacity and increased visitors and tourism revenues.

Nominator: Grand Chief Norman Yakeleya
Dene Nation
Herb Norwegian, Chair, Edéhzhíe Management Board (Team Leader), Arial Sanguez, Ashley Menicoche, Darcy E. Moses, Eric Menicoche, Freddie Lennie, Gerald (Gerry) Antoine, Henry Sabourin, Jay Horesay, Kody Hardisty-Sangris, Margaret (Norwegian) Ireland, Michael Minoza, Priscilla Canadien, Richard Sanguez, Tim Lennie, Trisha Landry, William Alger.