CANAPY – Collective Action for Nature-based Active Play and Youth Employment

Children & Youth, Education & Learning, Recreation, Skills development
$1 Million

The CANAPY project (Collective Action for Nature-based Active Play and Youth employment) aims to create a three-year Yukon-wide project with two main goals: 1. A staged youth employment program for secondary students in the recreation field. This would be a multi-step program that would provide the opportunity for youth to transition through initial training, training through volunteering in program leadership, and a combination of school credit and paid work experience as recreation leaders. An initial pilot would focus on engaging First Nations youth; the goal is for the co-op model to expand to other sectors once established. 2. The implementation of free, Yukon-wide, accessible, after-school programming at or near elementary schools, to provide a low-barrier opportunity for physical activity and fun after school. Programs would be tailored to each school community, with an emphasis on outdoor, culturally relevant, on the land, nature- and play-based programming. Activities would be designed to reduce barriers to participation for those children and youth who are underserved for recreation, and are currently inactive or less active.

Nominator: Geraldine Van Bibber
MLA, Porter Creek North
Maxime Crawford-Holland and Jenyfer Neumann (Team Leaders), Cheyenne Bradley, Janna Tait, Josi Leideritz, Kelsey Gammel, Lancelot Burton, Lindsay Cornell, Lindsay Johnston, Bill Griffis