Northern Centre for Justice, Dignity and Leadership

Education & Learning, Healing, Health & Wellness
$1 Million

Violence against Indigenous women and girls is an epidemic in Northern Canada that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through education, advocacy and partnerships, the Centre will aim to shift the service delivery field towards one that is dignity-driven, grounded in Indigenous knowledges and based on the strength of Indigenous women and gender diverse people. As a cornerstone initiative, the Centre would offer an Indigenous-led education program for service providers (12-weeks online training, one-week land-based training) that provides a new understanding of violence along with skills and knowledge to implement this learning. Participants from agencies in the Yukon, community organizations, and First Nations would learn from Indigenous leaders, women and subject matter experts, gaining the insight and tools to uphold dignity, build safety and promote change within institutions.

Nominator: Chef Doris Bill
Kwanlin Dün First Nation
Ann Maje Raider, Executive Director, Liard Aboriginal Women’s Society (Team Leader), Siku Allooloo, Amanda Buffalo, Jeff Cook, Renee Claude Carrier, Leda Jules, Julie Laliberte, Mary Maje, Lois Moorcroft, Katelyne Porter, Dorothy Smith, Dennis Shorty, Allan Wade