Arctic Indigenous Wellness Project

Northwest Territories
Environment, Healing, Health & Wellness
$1 Million

Indigenous populations, compared to their non-Indigenous peers, are at higher risk for suicide, substance abuse, incarceration, and homelessness. In fact, over 90% of the homeless population in the Northwest Territories is Indigenous. The Arctic Indigenous Wellness Project (AIWF) was awarded the $1 million prize for their plan to combine Indigenous cultural education with traditional therapeutic interventions in a wilderness urban setting. The AIWF is an urban land-based healing program targeting Indigenous men and women on the streets who are at risk of suicide and/or incarceration. The goal is to improve the mental health of at-risk Inuit, First Nation and Métis peoples through collaborative, culture-specific, community supported programs.

Nominator: The Honourable Glen Abernethy
Minister of Health and Social Services, Government of the Northwest Territories
Dr. Nicole Redvers (Team Leader), Be'sha Blondin, Jean Cardinal, Edna Elias, William Greenland, Rassi Nashalik, Donald Prince, Magnolia A. R. Unka-Wool