FOXY (Fostering Open Expression Among Youth)

Inuit Nunangat, Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
Education & Learning, Health & Wellness
$1 Million

The sexual health of Northern youth is a serious public health concern, with high rates of sexually transmitted infections, adolescent pregnancy, and sexual violence across the three territories. FOXY, (Fostering Open eXpression Among Youth) was awarded $1 million for their plan to acknowledge and address the complex determinants of sexual health among young people. An exceptional team of youth, Elders, educators, community-based researchers, and artists initiated the community-based participatory action research project. Through school-based workshops, Peer Leadership Retreats and knowledge dissemination activities, FOXY will work with youth of all genders across the North. The programs will help young people engage in dialogue about sexual health issues, develop leadership and coping skills, and build greater self-confidence for making healthy life choices.

Nominator: Honourable Robert R. McLeod
Premier of the Northwest Territories
Candice Lys (Team Leader), Jane Dragon, Jeremy Emerson, Gwen Healey, Veronica Johnny, Carmen Logie, Kayley Mackay, Nancy MacNeill, Graeme Peters, Teresa Watson,


Sedna stargazing as she is sleepless
Artist: Mattiusi Iyaituk