Ten Finalists Selected for the 2018 Arctic Inspiration Prize

November 21, 2018

Ten exceptional projects have been selected as finalists for the seventh annual Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP), which will award up to $3 million across three categories. The AIP is about reconciliation. It is by the North and for the North with unconditional support from the South and is the largest prize in Canada dedicated to the Canadian Arctic. It encourages, enables and celebrates the achievements of the people of the North.

The three Regional Selection Committees for Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Inuit Nunangat, comprised of Northerners representing diverse sectors and communities, reviewed and selected nominations from their regions. Their recommendations will go to the AIP National Selection Committee, who will select and announce the Laureates at the AIP’s 7th Annual Awards Ceremony, to be held at the Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse on February 12, 2019 in conjunction with the Arctic Indigenous Investment Conference.


Northern Compass

Team Leaders: Karen Aglukark, Student, University of Ottawa; Rebecca Bisson, Executive Director, Northern Youth Abroad; Lois Philipp, Founder, Northern Loco; Jim Snider, Vice Principal, Elijah Smith Elementary School
Geographical Scope: Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon
Northern Compass will address and eliminate the broad spectrum of barriers that youth across all three territories face while making successful transitions into post-secondary education, careers, and beyond and provide the support and access necessary for youth to pursue and achieve their goals.

Pirurvik – A Place to Grow: Early Childhood Education for Nunavummiut

Team Leaders: Tessa Lochhead and Karen Nutarak, Co-Directors of the Pirurvik Preschool
Geographical Scope: Nunavut
Pirurvik – A Place to Grow aims to change the lives of children throughout Nunavut by developing innovative and comprehensive early childhood education programs that are rooted in Inunnguiniq and responsive to the needs of each community.

Uqarluta Inuinnaqtun – Let’s Speak Inuinnaqtun

Team Leader: Pamela Hakongak Gross, Executive Director, Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq/Kitikmeot Heritage Society
Geographical Scope: Nunavut and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
Uqarluta Inuinnaqtun – Let’s Speak Inuinnaqtun aims to establish a partnership between communities to research, plan, coordinate, execute and evaluate Inuinnaqtun revitalization programming, including a full-time immersion program in each community delivered to youth; a mentor/apprentice program; and an intensive language documentation program.


Nunami Sukuijainiq: A Youth Arctic Ecology Land Camp Program

Team Leaders: Eleonora Townley and Jeannie Annanak, Youth Committee Members, Kangiqsualujjuaq
Geographical Scope: Nunavik and Nunavut
Nunami Sukuijainiq is a land-based, hands-on science education program pairing Elders and researchers with Inuit youth to stimulate and nurture an interest in science and help them develop valuable skills for their futures.

Nunavut Law Program

Team Leaders: Stephen Mansell, Director, NLP; Aaju Peter, Cultural Advisor and Lecturer, NLP
Geographical Scope: Nunavut
The Nunavut Law Program (NLP) provides a Nunavut-based professional legal education to Nunavummiut with holistic and scholastic opportunities to ensure student success as well-rounded and prepared legal professionals ready to serve and increase access to justice in Nunavut.

Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Teaching and Working Farm Extended-Season Greenhouse Construction

Team Leader: Derrick Hastings, TH Farm Manager
Geographical Scope: Yukon
This project is proposing an extended-season cold-climate greenhouse, the first of its kind in Yukon, that would be capable of sustaining local food production and providing experiential learning opportunities for up to 10 months of the year, even during some of the coldest periods of winter.

Traditional Techniques Tweaked to Galvanize Indigenous Northern Artisans

Team Leader: Sue McNeil, Manager, lnuvialuit Community Economic Development Organization
Geographical Scope: Inuvialuit Settlement Region and the Gwich’in Settlement Area
This project will create an association of northern Indigenous artists and crafters across the region to work at developing sustainable business ventures, improving local artisans’ skills, ensuring authentic, high quality products, and building confidence as sustainable business owners.

Transforming Lateral Violence

Team Leader: Thomas Shepherd, President, Social Innovation Consulting; and Marilyn Jensen, Senior Associate, Social Innovation Consulting
Geographical Scope: Yukon
The purpose of this project is to reduce the frequency and intensity of lateral violence within Yukon’s Indigenous communities by understanding, preventing, interrupting and redirecting situations of lateral violence; and by partnering with First Nations to design and deliver strategies that discourage this form of violence and encourage lateral kindness.


From Scrap to Art

Team Leader: Andrew Kitigon, Cambridge Bay
Geographical Scope: Nunavut
From Scrap to Art aims to capture the innate creative brilliance of the youth of Cambridge Bay to help young Northerners forge intergenerational connections, develop practical and artistic skills, and confidently approach their futures, through the establishment of a dedicated welding studio where young Northerners can learn the skills of welding.

Truth & Reconciliation: A Call to Action from Youth/Millennials

Team Leader: Paige Hopkins, Editor in Chief, Shakat Journal
Geographical Scope: Yukon
To address the concerns of youth and millennials regarding the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action, this innovative project aims to produce practical and culturally relevant recommendations to help government leaders create a better future for all Yukoners.