New artwork revealed to inspire young people to “Rise to the Prize”

The AIP has launched a Youth Campaign to promote the Arctic Inspiration Youth Prize, where up to seven youth teams can each win up to $100,000.  

A major component of this campaign is a piece of artwork that was created by Nunatsiavut Region Manager Jessica Winters.  

“The purpose of this artwork is to help young people visualize their projects, and what it would mean to be a part of the process and potentially win a prize to make their project a reality.”

Jessica Winters, Nunatsiavut Region Manager, Arctic Inspiration Prize

Working together with Aasman Brand Communications, a branding and creative communications agency based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Jessica and team developed a fun and inclusive design that captures the excitement and possibility of winning an Arctic Inspiration Youth Prize.

Within this artwork, you can see many different objects and actions that reflect the types of projects that the AIP awards. One character is carrying a young person on their shoulders and having a conversation to represent programming around language and intergenerational knowledge transfer, while another is smudging to personify mental health and well-being. What other categories and representations can you see in the artwork?

“This was a really different style for me to work in, but I was glad I was able to work with Aasman and have the experience of a collaborative approach to a single piece of work. I think having many of us contributing to the design made the piece more exciting. I learned a few tips and was pushed to think about different aspects of a design that I haven’t thought about before, like mixing textures and using it to diversify a limited colour palette.”

Jessica Winters, Nunatsiavut Region Manager

The Call for Nominations is now open, and we hope that the artwork inspires you to dream big and rise to the prize just like the characters in the work! To learn more about the Youth Prize, visit our Youth Prize webpage or contact us