CANHelp Working Group

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Northwest Territories, Yukon
Health & Wellness, Science

Research has demonstrated that Helicobacter pylori infection, a bacterial infection of the stomach, is linked to high frequencies of stomach diseases in Arctic populations. A successful pilot project to encourage knowledge exchange regarding the bacteria was carried out in Aklavik, NT, by members of the CANHelp Working Group. Researchers from the University of Alberta working with northern community leaders recruited local residents to create innovative and meaningful ways to communicate the results of their findings to the community. The CANHelp team is proposing to expand their program to other northern communities to address concerns about the health risks from H. pylori infection in the broader Arctic.

(Note that this project was a Finalist prior to 2017, when the current 3-tiered prize model was put in place. Their nomination therefore does not correspond to a particular category.)

Nominator: Marianne S.V. Douglas
Director, Canadian Circumpolar Institute; Anita Dey Nuttall, Acting Director, Canadian Circumpolar Institute
Karen Goodman, Professor, University of Alberta (Team Leader), Diane Archie, Sally Carraher, Lori Duncan, Monica Keelan, Rachel Munday, Sander van Zanten