The AIP is searching for a CEO!

We are asking for your help in promoting this unique opportunity. 

  • Please share the AIP CEO job posting with your network, be it via email, newsletter or on social media. And please feel free to share with your personal contacts as well.  
  • If you know anyone who you think might be qualified for the AIP CEO position, please let us know and we’ll reach out confidentially to this person. 

The Arctic Inspiration Prize inspires, enables, and celebrates the achievements of the people of the North. Through its Charitable Trust and with an endowment of approximately $50 million, the AIP is led and owned by the North and is entirely for the people of the North, from Yukon to Labrador. It is the largest annual prize in Canada. Entering into its 12th year, the Arctic Inspiration Prize Trust is seeking a Chief Executive Officer to continue to inspire, enable and celebrate the strengths and achievements of the peoples of the North. 

To learn more about the opportunity or if you have any recommendations or suggestions please reach out to Michelle Richard and Renée Young of Boyden at [email protected] or, if you prefer, to a Region Manager or the AIP office.

Thank you!