Selection process

  • Arctic Inspiration Prize staff first screen all Nominations received by the deadline for eligibility and completeness.
  • Eligible and complete nominations will enter a two-stage review and selection process. Nominations will first be evaluated by three Regional Selection Committees who will forward their recommendations to the National Selection Committee for selection of Laureates and Finalists.
  • Selection of Finalists and Laureates will be based on the Selection Criteria.
  • The National Selection Committee is under no obligation to award a $1 Million AIP in a given year if, in its opinion, the quality of nominations do not warrant it.
  • The National Selection Committee will choose up to four Laureates in the AIP category and up to seven Laureates in the Youth AIP category, depending on the amount and quality of the nominations and the funds available.
  • All nominated teams, including Finalists, non-Finalists and Laureates, will be informed of the decisions made during the Selection Process in a timely manner.
  • Finalists will also be acknowledged in the media and on the AIP website.
  • Where there is uncertainty about the requirements or processes for the Prize, the Arctic Inspiration Prize organization retains the right to interpret the contents of the nomination and guidelines.
  • Decisions of the selection committees are final. There is no appeal process.