2013 Art

The 2013 Prize ceremony featured a spectacular performance by northern artists Sylvia Cloutier, Beatrice Deer, Leela Gilday, Walter Landry, Joseph Nayally, David Serkoak, and Nelson Tagoona presented in collaboration with the National Arts Centre.

Performance Video


Singer-songwriter Leela Gilday

Throat boxer Nelson Tagoona

Throat singers Beatrice Deer and Sylvia Cloutier

Drummer David Serkoak

Dehcho Drummers Walter Landry and Joseph Nayally


Winning teams were each awarded an original piece of aboriginal artwork by Yukon artists.

Dennis Shorty
The Clan (Medicine Man)
Framed Mini Mask-Caribou Antler, Porcupine Quill, Bear Hair

Jared Kane
Frog Panel
Red Cedar & Acrylic Paint

Ken Anderson
Carved / Acrylic Panel

The Arctic Inspiration Prize logo and certificate of award were designed by Earthlore Communications.